Puppy Preschool

During their first 16 weeks, puppies develop up to 90 percent of their behaviour with humans, other animals and their surroundings. The experiences they have and learn during this time, they will keep for life. Puppy preschool is designed to use this window in your puppy’s life to ensure they become a polite, well behaved and socialised dog. During the classes, your puppy will learn:

  • How to properly socialise with other dogsDSC_2222 (1)
  • Basic obedience- sit,drop, come, leave, stay, walking on a lead
  • Trouble shooting common puppy problems i.e. digging, toilet training, mouthing
  • Education on vaccinations, parasites, nutrition and desexing

Each package consists of 4 weekly classes each lasting for 1 hour. At the end of the 4th class, there will be puppy graduation!

For more information or to enrol your puppy in the next available class, contact our reception where one of our friendly nurses will be more than happy to assist you.

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